At Approximately Blue, our offerings are continuously expanding, and our inventory spans multiple platforms. Presently, our works are available on Artsy, Artnet, and Artspace.

That said, a portion of our inventory is available exclusively upon request by directly contacting our team. This is due to our partnerships with master printmakers operating under varying conditions, resulting in distinctive structures and executions. If you are interested in the work of a specific artist, we encourage you to contact us at so we can provide you with a detailed breakdown of the pieces that are currently available.

approx. blue × VEL

Approximately Blue LLC is an authorized exclusive independent representative of and for Steven M. Andersen and Vermillion Editions Limited.

Coming of age during the 1970s American printmaking renaissance, Steven M. Andersen—once dubbed the enfant terrible of the fine art printing industry—has amassed a remarkable track record of producing limited edition pieces with Jasper Johns, Joseph Beuys, Ed Ruscha, Sam Gilliam, Larry Rivers, Red Grooms, Duncan Hannah, Ed Moses, and many more.